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Portrait of a Professional: Fashion Illustrator Jessica Durrant {+ a fab giveaway!/now closed}

I have always been super envious of people who can draw. I mean I can doodle, and create patterns, and design abstracts – but actual realism in art, I can not do. And people – I can not draw faces. I think that is why I am so drawn to artists who can truly capture a character and make them come to life – like Jessica Durrant can. Case and point:

Jessica Durrant | Illustration

And she can do much much more …

Jessica Durrant | Illustration

Jessica Durrant | Illustration

She has style right! I love her stuff. I love it. I mean any girl that draws a dress made completely out of peacock feathers is tip-tops in my book. Are you still not convinced? No? Well, read more about Jess – and believe me you will totally fall in love with her.

CAROLANN: Jessica, define yourself in three adjectives:

JESSICA: Laidback; Creative; Goofy

CAROLANN: Who would you call your art muse?

JESSICA: Too many to own up to, but I do love Marion Cotillard.

CAROLANN: What are your three vices?

JESSICA: Chocolate, caffeine, and shopping.

CAROLANN: What is the most favorite art piece of yours that you have ever created and why?

JESSICA: Right now it’s ‘Peacock Couture’. It was so fun to create, and I feel like somehow it all came together perfectly in the end. And that doesn’t always happen. I Iike it when my art looks effortlessly cool and beautiful, because it’s not always all that effortless.

CAROLANN: What is the most favorite art piece that someone else has created and why?

JESSICA: I could look at Stina Perrson’s illustrations all day long. She is one of my biggest inspirations, because of her use of watercolor. She’s wicked. Check this link out and you’ll see what I mean, just purely amazing.

CAROLANN: If you could only paint/draw with one color for the rest of your life what would it be (Note: black, white and grey are give-me colors; and you can chose a ‘pattern’ i.e. plaid)?

JESSICA: Cobalt Blue.

CAROLANN: Your favorite novel is?

JESSICA: The 7th Harry Potter was so good! I stayed up until 1:30 am to finish it! Harry Potter introduced me to the concept that reading can be very entertaining. So now I do read novels and non-fictions which until a few years ago, I never really did.

CAROLANN: What is your life motto?

JESSICA: Make the most of what you’ve been given in this life. Take every chance, every opportunity, and have fun with it all. Once you realize you have the power to create the life you want, you’ll set higher goals for yourself and begin accomplishing them.  And always channel any negativity in your life into something positive.

CAROLANN: Feminism – what does it mean to you?

JESSICA: Some of us women are girly, and some of us women are granolas. To each her own, you know?  It’s good to be a woman in the U.S. we have a lot of privileges that others don’t.

CAROLANN: What is your favorite season?


CAROLANN: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

JESSICA: Nutella Gelato

CAROLANN: Do you prefer illustrating landscapes or people and why?

JESSICA: I do paint a lot of landscapes that I don’t sell on Etsy. But I am so fascinated with illustrating people, so that would be my answer.

CAROLANN: The musician/band that gets you going in the morning is?

JESSICA: Depends on the morning. It varies from Belle and Sebastian, Led Zeppelin, Fleet Foxes, Camera Obscura or The Beatles.

CAROLANN: Is there anything you would like to share with my readers?

JESSICA: Thanks for checking out my work, I truly appreciate the support and love I’ve been getting on Etsy and blogs like yours Carolann! J


Jessica DurrantNow, not only is Jessica a super fun and mucho talented person, but she is also going to giveaway one of her lovely, amazing pieces of art! Personally, I am very torn between ‘the Vespa‘ and ‘Peacock Couture‘ … which are both fabulous {and pictured above}. Which one would you pick? Can you pick just one!


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This contest will run until 10pm on April 12, 2011 – with a winner being announced shortly after. This contest is open nationally and internationally. If you have any questions or comments for Jessica, you can contact her on Facebook or via email: jessicaillustration {at} gmail {dot} com.

‘Bonne Chance’ dear friends!

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