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Be Present in 2017 by Carolann DeMatos

Be Present in 2017

As an individual navigating the great wide world of business, I customarily spend several weeks at the end of December and into January evaluating myself: what I did…

Creating a Partnership with The New York Times for Libraries [Fall/Winter 2016]

Creating a Partnership with The New York Times for Libraries [Fall/Winter 2016]

Created in cooperation with The New York Times to assist in the promotion of Times-powered digital resources and services available at the Somerset County Library System of New Jersey; Fall/Winter 2016.

SCLSNJ's First Annual Book Lover's Tea [2016] - art created by Carolann DeMatos

SCLSNJ’s First Annual Book Lover’s Tea [October 2016]

Created to support a new event type – targeted to teens and adults – with the ultimate goal of opening greater discussion avenues around literature, the introduction of developing authors, and the exploration of the…

The Importance of Highlighting Community Partnerships [Video]

The Importance of Highlighting Community Partnerships [Video]

  Produced by Verizon FiOS1 News: New Jersey for use within their Push Pause program segment, this video serves to both promote the Somerset County Library System of…

'Just The News' by Carolann DeMatos

SCLSNJ: A Public Relations Press Outreach Overview [Print Editions 2015–2016]

The public relations landscape has changed rapidly over the past decade, due in large part, to the assimilation of news sharing via social media and/or internet news feeds…

2015 NJLA Award-Winning PR and Marketing Campaign: Information Literature

A Public Relations & Brand Definition Case Study: Exploring NaNoWriMo [2014]

According to non-profit organization, National Novel Writing Month (shortened to NaNoWriMo) is a “fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to creative writing”. Participants are encouraged to write 50,000-words from November…