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Explore the Story Literacy Campaign: #GotHeroes by Carolann DeMatos of Wonderpug Graphics

Explore the Story Literacy Campaign

A themed literacy campaign, targeted to an audience of all ages and shared on various mediums including posters, t-shirts, and social media/digital promotions. The campaign was focused on…

Coffee Time Talks Program Series [April-June 2017]

A programming series (targeted to adults and active seniors) focused on three distinct lifelong learning topics: health and wellness, technology, and the humanities. This series was hosted throughout the…

The Art of French Cooking with Julia Childs [October 2016] created by Carolann DeMatos

The Art of French Cooking with Julia Childs [November 2016]

Created to support a historical reenactment series highlighting the life and accomplishments of famed chef Julia Childs (portrayed by actor Linda Kenyon) targeted to adults, and hosted at two branches of the…

Haunts & History: October 2016 Programming Highlights created by Carolann DeMatos

Haunts & History: Explore Bone-Chilling and Suspenseful Stories [October 2016]

Created to support October Halloween programming (targeted to adults and families with older children) hosted within four branches of the Somerset County Library System of New Jersey; Fall 2016.