White Roof Project: 'Paint the Town White' photographed by Carolann DeMatos of Wonderpug Graphics
created by Carolann C. De Matos

White Roof Project’s Paint the Town White

On Friday, October 19, 2012, I photographed an event for a young non-profit organization – the White Roof Project. The mission of this group is exactly what the name implies, to paint black roofs white. Why? To save the environment by saving money on electrically costs, one roof at a time.

When you paint your roof white rather than leaving it tar black, energy costs within the office or residence decreases significantly (sometimes as much as 40%) largely because the sun’s heat is not as disruptive to a white roof as to a darker roof shade. As a result, stress on the power grid is decreased and resources are saved. What amazing results due to a simple wardrobe change!

White Roof Project: ‘Paint the Town White’

White Roof Project: 'Paint the Town White'

White Roof Project: 'Paint the Town White'

White Roof Project: ‘Paint the Town White’Working with the White Roof Project was a pleasure. This small but determined organization is composed of respectful, friendly, honest, welcoming, and intelligent individuals who are taking the simple act of painting and turning it into a big idea with big results.

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