The Darkness + The Light illustrated by Carolann DeMatos of Wonderpug Graphics™
created by Carolann C. De Matos

The Darkness + The Light

As an artist, some of the most interesting explorations are those between the darkness and the light. And that is meant both literally as in the relationship of dark versus light tones within my art, and also figuratively within my life, my personality, my hopes. Above is a favorite digital drawing of mine which illustrates this complex relationship. Some days when I look at this piece I focus on the light, sometimes I focus on the dark. Author Margaret Leroy shared some enlightening insight into darkness in one of her novels, and I find this quote helps to explain my mindset in creating this piece.

‘I learned in that moment that there are different darknesses. That there is ordinary darkness, like the night in the countryside, where, even on a night with no moon, as you stare things loom, take form; and there is another darkness, a darkness so profound you cannot begin to imagine it, cannot conjure it up in your mind. A darkness that blots out all you remember or hope for. A darkness that teaches that all that consoles you is false.’

― Margaret Leroy, The Soldier’s Wife

NOTE: This illustration is ©Carolann DeMatos c/o Wonderpug Graphics™ and should not be used or copied without written permission.