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Several months ago, the Edison Innovation Foundation – a long-term client – asked me to assist in the redesign of their current flagship site from a flash-based architecture to a more easily edited and updated WordPress engine. As I have worked with the Edison brand for several years, I was fairly familiar with their branding and target audience goals. By re-evaluating the most important information and the overall navigational structure of the site, we were able to quickly relaunch the site early in 2014 – and have seen an immediate and progressive growth in traffic and audience engagement. As the site is now built on the WordPress format, the site is able to constantly evolve and change, just as the Foundation constantly develops and expands. Promotional Banner Images

One of the most defining sections of the new site was the home page. When designing for the web, especially when designing for a site’s home page, it is imperative to both grab your target audience’s attention while at the same time providing as much pertinent information as possible. In order to accomplish this goal, a collection of images, graphics and text was utilized and made to rotate on a slow animation loop. By using the brand’s bold colors and eye-catching images of Thomas Alva Edison, the home page quickly came alive. Promotional Banner Images Promotional Banner Images Promotional Banner Images