Meditative Art Journaling
An expressive arts-based learning workshop utilizing watercolor and gouache paint; colored pencils; markers; collage materials such as old newspaper, magazines, and coloring sheets; expressive and creative writing; and mark-making to produce meditative art journals. The act of art journaling will help assist individuals in reducing stress and anxiety, while also offering a healthy forum in which to release frustrations, insecurities, and fears. No arts experience needed. Artists’ smocks are recommended. Virtual sessions available.

Building Your Brand
In today’s technology rich world, it is imperative to brand yourself in order to maintain relevance, and to earn prestige and acceptance by your community. Take a deep dive journey into the world of branding and learn how to shine. Learn to brand yourself and your skills in order to grow professionally, to receive feedback from your peers, and to help achieve your short or long-term career goals. Brand yourself in an enticing fashion that is still ethical, responsible, and well-aligned with your personal and professional values. Any level marketing professional welcome to participate. Invested participation and interactive feedback encouraged. Virtual sessions available.