“Carolann demonstrated outstanding design talent and expertise in her trade. Tackling even the most challenging requirements with a positive and can-do attitude allowed her to deliver unparalleled results. When faced with a new project demanding creativity and new skill-sets, Carolann simply faced the challenge head-on, going the extra mile to train herself on the latest design technique or front-end coding language in an effort to rise to the challenge. She is truly an asset to any team.” – Kate Wellner

“Carolann DeMatos of Wonderpug Graphics can take any mundane idea and transform it into a masterful work of art. She is extremely customer oriented, and will work with a client to ensure that a vision is created that exceeds their expectation. Her perfectionism and attention to detail ensure that you get the highest quality work on the market. I will never use another graphic designer.” – Dr. Jennifer Burke

“When you have the opportunity to look at a designer’s book, talk with them, and realize they have the growing ability to finesse color and shape into a distinctive personality for a market, and then form truly abstract ideas into concrete materials that communicate a message successfully, then you know you have someone very special indeed in front of you. Carolann has been able to do that since Day 1.” – Duane Romanell

“Carolann’s talent, drive, and interest continued growth will make her an asset to any organization.” – Sandra MacDonald

“I have to say it’s so great to have someone like you to rely on.” -Lorena Lalicata

“This was one of the best design classes I’ve ever taken. Very practical information and interesting assignments. Thank you.” -Julie K., Student at Brookdale Community College (Spring 2014)

“The teamwork displayed by your department is top notch. Your ability to run the department is admirable. I have seen and heard you weather the storm, and take personal responsibility for your team. In my past fifteen years of experience in this field, I have never had a supervisor ask about stress levels, or display the level of concern for their teams’ well-being as you have. In those years I had thought I had learned all I would in a corporate setting. In the short time I have been here, you have taught me much about my own leadership skills. I couldn’t have asked for a better leader.” – Jeremy Verwey

“Being a beginner coming from the black and white world of science, I’ve learned so much and am becoming way more comfortable in the creative world of design thanks to Professor DeMatos and this class!” – Brad S., Student at Brookdale Community College (Spring 2014)

“… I turned out loving design and this course changed how I look at the world.” – James S., Student at Brookdale Community College (Spring 2014)